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  1. Culture, Informality, Heritage, and Cities: A View From Below, Sheela Patel, June, 2012

  2. Why Enumeration Counts: Documenting by the Undocumented, Sheela Patel, June, 2012

  3. The Zabaleen of Cairo, Celine D’Cruz, May, 2012

  4. Knowledge is power – informal communities assert their right to the city through SDI and community-led enumerations, Sheela Patel, Carrie Baptist, Celine D’Cruz, April, 2012

  5. The Sanitation Deficit Reflects a Deficit in Governance for the Poor, Sheela Patel, August, 2011

  6. Recent developments in plans for Dharavi and for the airport slums in Mumbai, Jockin Arputham, Sheela Patel, October, 2010

  7. Culture, identity and slum areas: opportunities and challenges seen from slum dwellers’ perspective, Sheela Patel, April, 2010

  8. The Wrong Risks, Sheela Patel, 2010

  9. Getting the information base for Dharavi’s redevelopment, Sheela Patel, Jockin Arputham, Sundar Burra, Katia Savchuk, March, 2009

  10. Developing new approaches for people-centred development, Jockin Arputham, September, 2008

  11. lans for Dharavi: negotiating a reconciliation between a state-driven market redevelopment and residents’ aspirations, Sheela Patel, Jockin Arputham, April, 2008

  12. An offer of partnership or a promise of con?ict in Dharavi, Mumbai? Sheela Patel, Jockin Arputham, October, 2007

  13. How to Meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) in Urban Areas, Arif Hasan, Sheela Pate, David Satterthwaite, March, 2006

  14. Making Markets Work For The Poor: The Small Investors’ Fund, Sundar Burra, Devika Mahadevan, July, 2005

  15. Re-interpreting the rights-based approach: a grassroots perspective on rights and development, Sheela Patel, Diana Mitlin, June, 2005

  16. The work of SPARC, the National Slum Dwellers Federation and Mahila Milan, Sheela Patel, Diana Mitlin, June, 2005

  17. Towards a pro-poor framework for slum upgrading in Mumbai, India, Sundar Burra, April, 2005

  18. Tools and methods for empowerment developed by slum and pavement dwellers’ federations in India, Sheela Patel, October, 2004

  19. Community-designed, built and managed toilet blocks in Indian cities, Sundar Burra, Sheela Patel, Thomas Kerr, October, 2003

  20. Community toilets in Pune and other Indian cities, Sundar Burra, Sheela Patel, June, 2002

  21. Beyond evictions in a global city: people managed resettlement in Mumbai, Sheela Patel, Celine D’Cruz, Sundar Burra, April, 2002

  22. Sharing experiences and changing lives, Sheela Patel, Diana Mitlin, 2002

  23. Slum/Shack Dwellers International (SDI) – foundations to treetops, Sheela Patel, Sundar Burra, Celine D’Cruz, October, 2001

  24. A Journey towards Citizenship: The Byculla Area Resource Centre, Mumbai, Sundar Burra, May, 2000

  25. Resettlement And Rehabilitation Of The Urban Poor: The Story Of Kanjur Marg, Sundar Burra, November, 1999

  26. The Jagjeevan Ram Nagar Housing Co-Operative Society In Hyderabad, Sundar Burra, November, 1999

  27. Electricity to Pavement Dwellers in Mumbai, Sundar Burra, Liz Riley, September, 1999

  28. One David and three Goliaths: avoiding anti-poor solutions to Mumbai’s transport problems, Sheela Patel, Kalpana Sharma, October, 1998

  29. The Mahila Milan crisis credit scheme: from a seed to a tree, Sheela Patel, April, 1993

  30. Street Children, hotel boys and children of pavement dwellers and construction workers in Bombay - how they meet their daily needs Sheela Patel, October, 1990

  31. Beyond The Beaten Track, May, 1988

  32. We, the Invisible, October, 1985
  1. Lost in Translation- Analysing self-built designs within relocation and up-gradation projects By Alexander Valencia, Shibani Jadhav, June 2015