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SSNS encourages academic institutions, research organizations, social ventures, professionals and government to seek collaborations with us.
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  Architecture Sans Frontiers Sweden  
  Architects from ASF have contributed as volunteers to SSNS upgrading projects in Odisha and help provide support for those who otherwise would not have access to the knowledge of architects.      
  The following professionals are currently collaborating with SSNS on housing projects:      
  Prasanna Desai Architects  
  Shirish Patel and Associates  
  Madan Gadgil, Genesis      
  KRVIA Kamala Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture
In the past, Studios have been held with KRVIA and their design cell is currently working on the Dharavi redevelopment plan with SPARC-SSNS  
  Development Planning Unit
Students from DPU have visited SPARC’s projects and held week long workshops in 2007, 2008 and 2009  
  The following institutions regularly provide interns to SSNS:      
  CEPT Ahmedabad  
  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem  
  Universitat Internacional de Catalunya  
  KTH Sweden  
  Melbourne University
A joint studio was carried out in Dharavi in 2011 and there is an ongoing collaboration for lectures every year in Melbourne.  
  Manchester University
Currently collaborating on a research project due to begin August 2013.  
  Other organizations      
  PRIA Participatory Research in Asia
In 2011-2014, SPARC collaborated on an urban poverty project with PRIA.  
  SSNS is currently working in collaboration with several government bodies on housing and sanitation projects:      
  Municipal corporation of Greater Mumbai      
  Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority      
  Pune Municipal Corporation      
  Nanded Municipal Corporation      
  Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation      
  Puri Municipal Corporation      
  Cuttack Municipal Corporation      
  Homeless International
Homeless International is a UK charity that supports slum dwellers to improve their lives and find lasting solutions to urban poverty. Through it exists a fund called CLIFF (Community-led infrastructure finance facility) that supports construction of several implementing partners, one of whom is SSNS.